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‘The Batman’ shuts down production for 2 weeks
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Good morning everyone, I hope you are all going well! The Batman should have been shot in Liverpool from March 16 to March 29 but finally, the film has joined a long list of Hollywood films currently in production that have been put on temporary hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So ,The Batman is going to shut down production for two weeks due to coronavirus. The film’s crew was shooting on a sound stage in London since January and was planning to change locations to Liverpool. Warner Bros. thought it was best to go on hiatus during the location change. I’m really happy about this decision, Warner Bros. and Matt reeves need to take care of the crew. Everyone needs to be safe so it was the right thing to do! ♡

INTERVIEW – Robert Pattinson on dealing with isolation
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Here is an interview of Robert Pattinson for Kinowetter. Robert talks about dealing with isolation while on the set of The Lighthouse and in his personal life, working out for his new movie ‘The Batman’ and about fandoms. I’ve added more than 500 HQ screen captures in the gallery (Gallery | Imagebam)! Enjoy 😀

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New interview for Sport & Style and new photos for Dior Homme
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Good morning, Robert Pattinson was interviewed by a French Magazine, Sport & Style. He talks about his father, masculinity, stress, English boxing and more. I’ve translated the full interview below. I’ve also added two new MQ photos of Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme 2020. These photos are from the Dior 2020 Photo Book. I hope we will have them soon in better quality! Enjoy 😀

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SPORT & STYLE: The actor agrees: men have literally mutated over the last forty years.

ROBERT PATTINSON: As a child, I was fascinated by classical male figures. Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brandon, Jean-Paul Belmondo…all actors at ease with themselves, at the antipodes of the shy person that I was. My father didn’t look like those profiles. He’s very funny, eccentric. He’s a good person, very intelligent, but it took me a long time to understand his behavior and strangeness. When I was a teenager, I was fascinated by ultra-confident people because that’s what I was looking for. But as time goes by, I now prefer beings who evolve a little on the fringe, so that they can serenely observe things and other people.

SPORT & STYLE: For Robert Pattinson, these rather rare people don’t need to be the centre of attention, they have their own thoughts which gives them a certain form of autonomy. “Everything my father is.” said Robert.

SPORT & STYLE: In this paragraph, a sociologist talks about the fact that men are no longer in the fascination of a “guy” model. She says that men who are not traditional male is not a flaw. Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, is convinced that it is more comfortable to be a man today than it was in his father’s time.

ROBERT PATTINSON: Life is always more difficult when you are refused to explore a minimum of your identity. If society expects you to behave in a certain way, to stay in that box that doesn’t suit you, life becomes hellish.

SPORT & STYLE: For the actor, life becomes boring if you have to stay the same person all the time.

ROBERT PATTINSON: Today, you have the right to blossom, but the challenge lies elsewhere, in the astonishing number of choices available to you.

SPORT & STYLE: The sociologist speaks in this paragraph to say that it is imperative to disappear into the world in order to exist, to make a place for oneself. Today, moving forward in life is equivalent to building self-affirmation.

ROBERT PATTINSON: There are so many ways to live a man’s life, it can become stressful. But I much prefer this stress to the stress of a young man fifty years ago.

SPORT & STYLE: In the latest Dior Homme video, directors Guillaume and Jonathan Alric film a free man who engages in stylish role-playing to please the woman he loves. A man ready to take on any face, with a racy, casual look.

ROBERT PATTINSON: Let’s say I’m filmed there at the extreme point of the self-confidence scale, with a form of bravery, very little doubt. A state in which you feel free to do what you want, without having to prove anything.

SPORT & STYLE: Robert Pattinson sometimes envies people who are able to dance freely, without fear of the other’s gaze. A total star on the screens, Robert Pattinson openly confides his sickly shyness in real life.

ROBERT PATTINSON: I was terrified of the dance scene itself. I never dance with anyone. I had to force myself. On D-Day, I ran away from everyone, looking for every dark corner to hide in. Finally, I took a shot of tequila and threw myself into the water.

SPORT & STYLE: The result is pretty cool. “Probably the talent of the directors answer Robert.

ROBERT PATTINSON: I appreciate the freshness of the perfume. I don’t like overly powerful fragrances, they make me claustrophobic. I only wear perfume on holidays or for events. It’s an eau de toilette that makes me feel more alive, awake and confident. As if I was wearing it from the inside. It acts like an aura and I like it.

SPORT & STYLE: On the preparation, prior to a very physical shoot, he mainly tells about the English boxing classes.

ROBERT PATTINSON: It’s a sport I’ve been enjoying watching for the past two years. I love the way the matches are staged, the attitude of the fighters, the nobility that comes out of the whole. Right now we are witnessing the rebirth of the charismatic boxer.

SPORT & STYLE: His fitness routine? He’s assuming he’s pretty lazy.

ROBERT PATTINSON: I love running because it doesn’t involve any particular headache. No need to force yourself to listen to an entire podcast. Luckily, I’ve never had to do much physical training with filming, until this year when I was asked to become significantly more muscular. So I started training with this goal in mind. I knew I would have to lift my shirt. I mostly practiced core strength exercises because it’s very effective, and I experience it as a kind of meditation. More generally, I’m asked to lose weight very quickly. So I became a master in the art of slimming in two weeks.

SPORT & STYLE: And in the bathroom, what kind of man is he?

ROBERT PATTINSON: With age and wrinkles coming, I now enjoy facials. Today, if I need to be offered something, I ask for a spa treatment without hesitation. At home, I like to make myself a film mask that comes off like a sheet. I also do it when I fly, so I don’t feel completely dry and dehydrated when I get off the plane. I never would have imagined this five years ago.

“Man changes with the times, but you also change a lot over the course of a lifetime.” – Robert Pattinson


Mill Valley Film Festival – New Interview
posted by Laura

Here is a new interview of Robert Pattinson on the Mill Valley Film Festival red carpet on October 05 (2019). I’ve added more than 500 HQ screen capture of this new video in the gallery (Gallery link | Imagebam gallery) & you can check our post of this event to see all HQ photos from The Lighthouse premiere and Q&A. Enjoy 😀

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The New York Times Magazine (2017)
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Good Morning! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve added 17 old photos of Robert Pattinson from The New York Times Magazine photoshoot, now untagged! [Gallery | Imagebam] Enjoy 😀

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First look at the Batmobile #TheBatman
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Here it is guys! Matt Reeves just posted the Batmobile with Robert Pattinson standing alongside in his Batsuit. We can see that Bruce Wayne will be driving a muscle car. The photos are absolutely perfect. I love the car aesthetic, this is so badass & incredibly unique, it is something that really hasn’t been seen before in the films. Again, Matt Reeves has nailed it! What do you think about it? Enjoy 😀

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Robert Pattinson for ELLE Magazine (March 2020)
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Hi guys, here is a brand new photoshoot of Robert Pattinson for ELLE Magazine (March 2020). He’s just awesome in this jumpsuit and in this roll neck sweater! You can read below the FULL interview of Robert which has been translated by Robert Pattinson PT! Thank you <3
Enjoy 😀

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ELLE: You started acting when you were 18 years old, and in 15 years you’ve made 34 movies (and won eight awards…). Why do stay so active? What moves you?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Now I have more fun making movies! The more I learn about how to do things, the more doors it opens to my mind. And the more comfortable you feel, the freer you’ll feel as well. I used to think in acting as a test, in which there was the possibility to fail. But when you stop thinking about the result…You never know if it will be good or bad, so the best thing is to enjoy it! And, as soon as you start behaving like that, everything becomes funnier.

ELLE: And, as you get older, maybe you can choose the roles you want to play and who you want to work with?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Yes. It happens when you get older and [you] do more projects. You can talk to the director. It’s more of creative collaboration. When you’re younger, you have that school mentality. Someone is telling you what to do and so you just feel like saying no all the time. But then you realize that they are all in the same boat. And that everyone wants to make a good movie!

ELLE: What would you say to the teachers who discouraged you from joining the theater club?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I’m glad they did. When I think about it now … At the time, I was so angry that I didn’t want to have anything to do with the arts at school. And then, I ended up getting an agent, which wouldn’t have happened if I had een a part of the school’s drama club. Sometimes having a little bit of resentment is pretty good. It gives you more fire [energy].”

ELLE: Do you really think that you managed to attract a more “male” audience, as some professionals in the field suggested after Cosmopolis?

ROBERT PATTINSON: To be honest, I never thought about an audience. But the first time I noticed that men accepted me better must have been with Good Time. And it was a little strange … But, again, it’s the same logic as the drama teacher. I liked it when the male audience said to me “Oh, you’re an idiot”, because it made me want to go to the fight! These things give you energy. What’s dangerous is not having enemies. We always need good enemy!

ELLE: Do you read reviews about you on the internet?

ROBERT PATTINSON: When a movie comes out? Yes.

ELLE: What about the bad ones, does it affect you or do you consider yourself strong enough to deal with it?

ROBERT PATTINSON: When I was younger, it affected me. But now … it’s a strangely addictive thing. Reading the bad reviews is more addictive than reading the good ones. You can read a hundred good ones and a bad and, I don’t know if that’s because of that, but now the bad ones don’t affect me anymore. Unless they involve someone else. If it’s just about me, I can take it.

ELLE: What if it’s about someone important to you?

ROBERT PATTINSON: It doesn’t happen much. And I think I can separate things well. It’s one of the advantages of not having an Instagram account. Access is cut off. I’ve always had a barrier and that’s why there’s no problem. It’s all just noise.

ELLE: You’re turning 34 soon and you’re going to be a part of the so-called Millennial. What does it mean to you? Do you recognize yourself as a member of that generation?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I think I’m another last stronghold of the previous generation. I don’t feel like a Millennial at all. Many of the things that people think are important, such as social networks … are not at all important to me. They annoy me. I don’t see what it is the reason to have, to publish, to take pictures of myself and put them online … It all seems crazy to me.

ELLE: You’ve made a lot of movies lately. Waiting for the Barbarians, The King (Netflix), The Devil All The Time, The Lighthouse and Tenet (currently being shot). How many scripts do you receive per month? It’s you who choose each role?

ROBERT PATTINSON: To be honest, I don’t receive that many scripts. Except when it comes to a director I really want to work with. When I’m not working, I read a lot of scripts, but right now… I find it very difficult to read a script when you’re working on another project. I cannot understand it completely. But I love to discover filmmakers that my agents don’t know about!

ELLE: And the movie you’re filming now, Tenet? Can you talk about it?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I can’t say anything about Tenet… nor about Batman! Anyways, I don’t know anything. I’m only starting Batman next year. We’re not even filming yet.

ELLE: After all the artistic films you’ve made, was it difficult for you to decide to be in a film like Batman?

ROBERT PATTINSON: No, I wanted to do it. In every new job, I’ve been trying to do the opposite of the previous one, to be able to surprise myself. And I don’t know why, but at the end of last year, I was thinking I really wanted to do a big movie. I hadn’t think about exactly what it could be, and then Chris Nolan and Tenet came in and Batman came out shortly after. I had been making small movies, I was already relatively comfortable in what I was doing for a while, I didn’t even get nervous anymore. Not even with Tenet, which is a great production. I think it was also because of the directors. I can totally trust Chris Nolan and Matt Reeves. They are very unique filmmakers to whom I would immediately say yes if I wanted to make a smaller film.

ELLE: Do you have to physically prepare to step into Batman’s shoes? Is that the reason why you’ve been running a lot lately?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Yes. As soon as I finish this job, I will immediately start intensive training. In fact, it is quite pleasant, because I have been doing so many hours in the Chris Nolan film that the idea of, for a few months, being really healthy, just doing physical exercise and sleeping seems like a real dream! I can’t wait! But yes, I’ve never been a big guy. So I have a certain curiosity about what it’s like to be.

ELLE: You’re the face of Dior Homme since five years ago. How did this colaboration started and what does it means to you?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I think it was before that. I met them in 2012. I wasn’t thinking about doing anything like this. But when I met them, I liked the team very much, the three people who talked to me at the beginning. They’re really cool. And Dior is Dior!

ELLE: That was your first ad? Is it the only one until now?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Yes. The only one! Basically, I really liked the way they presented the project to me. At the beginning, I wanted to work with Romain Gavras. And, at the first meeting, I asked: “Can we do it with Romain?” And they said “Yes, it’s a great idea!”. It’s great to work with Dior. I never went to the shows in Paris before, and I never even thought about it. But now I look forward to them every year. With Dior, I have all the glamor of acting, but without the hardest part! When you’re making a movie, you work 20 hours a day, you’re exhausted all the time. This collaboration is fast and very funny. It’s the best job ever!

ELLE: Do you like to discover underground artists? How was it to shoot the new Dior Homme campaign with the french avant-guard duo, The Blaze (Guillaume and Jonathan Alrie)? Have you met them before?

ROBERT PATTINSON: It was great! I met them in Cannes in 2017* (they were DJs at the Good Time party) and I was talking to them about making a movie together because their films are so cool. They know what performance is. And when it came to Dior, I didn’t even have anything to do with it. When I heard it, I thought, “Oh, this is great, because it’s a big ad, and they are quite unknown. something like that! Their music is great.

ELLE: There is a dance moment in the ad. It seems to be “possessed”. Any preparation?

ROBERT PATTINSON: A shot of tequila and nothing else! I was literally in the dark. I couldn’t see anyone around me.

ELLE: Do you like dancing, in real life?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I was always very shy to dance, so when I did that, my thought was,”Oh, I broke the curse. Now I can dance in front of people!” About two weeks later, I went to a party, everyone was dancing and I threw myself on the dance floor and it was like “Yes, it’s okay. You just have to dance!”

ELLE: How do you feel when you see yourself in a Dior outdoor?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Actually, I’ve never seen any! I’m always walking around airports and thinking,“ How is Johnny Deep’s here and not mine?” It’s always Johnny Depp! [Laughs] ” What beauty care do you have? A diet, a routine? “Yes, now, at 30, I really think about what I eat. I didn’t try very hard, I ate pizza at three in the morning, but… if you don’t eat well – especially when you’re always working – you can’t even survive.

ELLE: What’s the best way to turn off and relax?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Probably, running. As soon as you get used to running, I think it’s better than anything else. It clears the mind so much! But what I really like nowadays is finding ways to sleep better. I’m obsessed with sleep masks, meditation apps, essential oils… I LOVE those things!

ELLE: Do you have any sleep disorder?

ROBERT PATTINSON: A bit. I don’t take pills to sleep. But I love that moment when you fall asleep! So, I got a good sleep mask that helps me fall asleep anywhere. On set, I sit on a chair, put the sleep mask and fall asleep quickly … in front of everyone.

ELLE: Are you narcoleptic?


ELLE: And talking about music, what’s on your playlist?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I’ll see … (opens Spotify on his phone) … what have I been listening to … Oh [Message on the screen] … I didn’t pay my last bill … [Laughs] … changing my credit card … I’ve been hear a lot of Aretha Franklin and that sort of classic stuff. When I can!

ELLE: How would you define your style?

ROBERT PATTINSON: It depends. You know what? There is this thing about sneakers. I use these Adidas from a collaboration with Palace, which were made in 2015. They are no longer produced. And I use different pairs… I have about 20 pairs of these sneakers in all colors and I use them every day! And when some go bad, it’s scary, because there are only a few left. I already called the company to see if they had any extra stock they didn’t sell.

ELLE: Are you a kind maniac?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Yes, with these shoes. I wear the same pair of shoes for five weeks in a row, and I have an alert on eBay. Whenever my size appears, I buy it immediately!

ELLE: Today you’re fully dressed in black, but we’ve already seen you wearing extravagant clothes on the red carpet such as capes.

ROBERT PATTINSON: I didn’t think much about what I’m wearing today, but I like to wear crazy things, and I think that if I didn’t work with Dior, I would be a little more shy about using more extravagant pieces. With the collection created by Kim Jones, now it makes even more sense (Note: Pattinson was also the first Dior Homme ready-to-wear ambassador).

ELLE: Would you wear a colour such as pink?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Yes, I like the contrast, although a few year ago, when I shaved my hair, wore a lot more pink. When you have you hair dyed blond, long, seems like you’re in Miami Vice. But yes, if I had my hair shaved, I’d definitely wear skirts and stuff like that.

ELLE: What would you never wear?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Hum… I don’t like serious and perfect things. But I’ll probably wear then at some point of my career.

ELLE: You confessed ELLE that you obsessed with Kate Moss and Jane Fonda when you were young. Have you met them?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I met Kate Moss and was with her a couple of times, doing things for Dior. And I haven’t met Jane Fonda yet, but I’m still a huge fan of her.

ELLE: She is an activist like you, Robert. You are collaborating directly with GO Campaign. What does this NGO do?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Go Campaign improves the lives of orphans and vulnerable children worldwide by creating local partnerships and solutions. All the children have the right to have opportunities, education, medical care, food, water… Two of my friends worked for them and told me to go to an event, five years ago or so. They made an auction and built a school in Cambodja. It is a completely transparent and very efficient non-profit organization. Over the past five years, it has become much bigger than it was when I started working with them.

ELLE: And now there’s a Robert Pattinson School?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Yes! And the school has been growing every year. I’m really proud of it.

ELLE: What keeps you alive and motivated in general?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Actually, I only do things to have fun. Your body tells you how to live your life if you listen to it carefully. There were bad times. I watched Amy Winehouse’ documentary a few years ago. And Tony Bennett said something that touched me, “Life shows how to live, if you live enough”, or something like that, I can’t remember the exact quote. As you get older, the more your body tells what to eat, what to do, tells you everything. If you listen to it and pay attention! And if you’re not having fun doing a certain thing, stop. As soon as you start living like that, you start to feel always well.

ELLE: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I would love to have a production company. There’s a part of me that would like to record an album- but I don’t know if it will ever happen. I like to make long-term plans. That is the key of happiness. That’s it and having plans for the future – everything you build is towards a goal. And you have to have those plans!”

ELLE: What was the strangest thing that happened to you?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Become an actor! The strangest thing in my entire life! I really don’t know how it happened.

ELLE: What do you like the most about your friends?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Positive attitude. I don’t like people who like to complain. It’s really boring.

ELLE: Your biggest flaw?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Pfff, none [Laugh]. Actually, how do you say it? Procrastinate. I postpone everything, really everything, until the last minute.

ELLE: Your idea of happiness?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Being in very creative places. I’m very happy in the initial stage of the work of a creative project before the problems start. When everyone is very excited.

ELLE: Your idea of unhappiness?

ROBERT PATTINSON: When people that I love are worried about something and I can’t help them. And repetitive things. Like being stuck in a circle with the same things always happening. That’s unhappiness to me. Like in that Bill Murray’s movie, Groundhog Day.

ELLE: If you weren’t Robert Pattinson, who would you like to be?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Probably a dog. I think I’ll be one in my next like, almost certainly.

ELLE: The heroes of you’re life?

ROBERT PATTINSON: As I get older, the more my parents are. But when I was younger, were a lot of rappers. They were the first people I saw who didn’t care about what people would think about them. It looked like they were showing the middle finger to everyone.

ELLE: Favourite cult movie?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Probably Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

ELLE: Favourite series?

ROBERT PATTINSON: The Wire. It is a tv series about a policeman and criminals in Baltimore.

ELLE: A director that you admire?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Claire Denis. I admire her a lot.

ELLE: Favourite book?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I’ve been reading a lot of Batman comics lately. I’ve also read a very good book by Christopher Hitchens called Mortality.

ELLE: Favourite dish?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Any type of pasta. I’m really boring when it comes to food. Maybe Spaghetti bolognese. More pasta than burgers.

ELLE: Ideal holidays?

ROBERT PATTINSON: An extreme or the other. Doing something with lots of activities, like climbing or going to the beach and do absolutely nothing, with no one around me.



Robert Pattinson talks about The Batman 🦇
posted by Laura

Robert Pattinson talked to Telegraaf Netherland about The Batman and more especially about the Batsuit and his character. I like the way he perceives his character. This will be something new and I can’t wait to see it. How about you? Enjoy 😀 #TheBatman

“Whether the dimensions of my Batsuit have already been included? Hell yes!” he is beaming. “That went with all advanced 3D scans. I am very curious about what my suit will look like. I have already seen photos of the set and it looks cool. I can’t say much about the story. Except that I go to the border with my Batman. I want to take him on a psychological journey of discovery full of traumas and darkness. A bit à la Joker. For an actor that is and remains the biggest challenge. “

Thank you RPAustralia for the traduction! <3

‘The Stars At Noon’ With Robert Pattinson & Margaret Qualley
posted by Laura

Robert Pattinson and Margaret Quallet (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) are set to star in Claire Denis‘s new love story/thriller film, ‘The Stars At Noon‘ (A24). Filming should start at the end of the year and should be released in 2021. Enjoy the synopsis and tell us what you think about this new project! 😀

Set in 1984 during the Nicaraguan Revolution, the film follows a mysterious English businessman and headstrong American journalist who strike up a passionate romance. They soon become embroiled in a dangerous labyrinth of lies and conspiracies and are forced to try and escape the country, with only each other to trust and rely on.



EXCLUSIVE – Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit!
posted by Laura

Matt Reeves gives us a first look at Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit in a Camera test video! This very red video shows us what we can expect with the costume that Robert will wear and I’m so excited! He looks so powerful and omg this man’s jaw. Let us know what you think about it in the comments and enjoy 😀

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