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New interview for L’Officiel Italy/USA
posted by Laura

Today we finally have the translation of the new interview for L’Officiel Italy.

L’Officiel: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Robert Pattinson: “Where do I see myself in ten years? Still here to give interviews and enjoy a job that, despite everything, is giving me a lot and that I continue to love madly.”

LO: When did you decide to become an actor?
RP: I actually never really thought about it. There was a girl I liked, she was part of the “drama club,”  so I was around fifteen and I was working backstage when I realized how magical everything behind the show was. I didn’t go to school, I just decided to do what I like, and I like being in front of the camera, I like being in the theater, backstage, going out with my colleagues after the show. It was a natural process. It was not my life’s dream, I did not pursue it persistently, I only did what I liked, and I did that well.

LO: As a child, what career did you think you would pursue?
RP: When I was a teenager I imagined doing something in the field of music. I played the piano, my group and I lived in a restaurant and it seemed beautiful to me. I have to be honest, I’ve always had positive experiences. In my previous life, everything was probably pretty damn bad.

LO: When did you realize you were famous and popular? How did you react to this?
RP: For some reason, I have never totally connected myself to being famous. I don’t think it has changed me. “Twilight” was so fast, we always worked at a fast pace and, in a sense, I lived in isolation. I didn’t have time to realize it, even when everything was over. I still remember after the premiere of “Harry Potter,” the following day I was very excited, and the day after that it was as if nothing had happened.

LO: According to recent research, you have been named the most beautiful man in the world.
RP: That’s flattering, but it also makes me smile a lot. If I think about it, there are thousands of things that I don’t like about myself and I am self-conscious of. To be honest, I’m realizing that as I get older, I pay less attention to physical appearance than I used to a few years ago. I think it can be a good thing to find parts of ourselves that we don’t like in order to improve them.


LO: What is the first memory you have of fashion? You mentioned that you are a collector of sneakers.
RP: I remember when I was about fourteen years old, none of my friends really thought about clothes. But, I put money aside for a red jacket that I liked and I said to myself, “I have to have this.” I think it was from a Japanese designer, and I felt so fashionable, which was a feeling I had never experienced before. Before I was fourteen I had never thought about fashion and that red jacket was my right of passage, the moment I became aware of it. In my life I have had multiple stages. I bought a lot on eBay and little by little I became fond of sneakers. It was always the same model, focusing on details and every possible variation…I owned all the iterations of the same shoe.

LO: How would you define your personal style?
RP: It’s strange because I spend a lot of time hiding it, in a way. I don’t think it’s a real style. I could not define it precisely; eccentric clothes certainly attract me a lot. However, in everyday life, I wear “normal ” clothes without having a precise aesthetic.

LO: How do you make your careers in the world of fashion and cinema coexist? You have been working on it for years, for example, with the Dior Homme cologne campaigns. 
RP: The thing that attracts me to cinema, especially in recent years, is the atmosphere of darkness. I like the contrast with the works I did for Dior, which are attractive in a more conventional sense.

LO: The new Dior Homme perfume campaign is dedicated to a “strong” man. What does strength mean to you?
RP: I believe that strength is being able to listen, rather than saying everything we feel we have to say. Very often people want to demonstrate at all costs that they are perfect by placing themselves at the center of attention. Instead, you have to be patient and to be so, you have to be comfortable with yourself. Being strong also means being empathetic, without judging.

LO: In a video directed by The Blaze, you dance and seem to have a lot of fun. Can you tell us more about that experience?
RP: It was incredibly fun. At one point I was taking dance steps behind the room and they yelled at me “ride!” and I, in the midst of the dancing, could not understand, so I asked “What are you saying?” and they replied “Fly!” It was very hilarious.

LO: Do you consider yourself a beauty buff? What is your beauty routine?
RP: A beauty buff? No, I don’t consider myself a beauty buff. For years, I did nothing except wash my face. Then, as I got older, I realized that I had to take care of my skin, I’m no longer twenty. One thing I love to do are face masks, like the ones people wear on planes to relax.

LO: One last question about your career: who do you think was your film role model? Is there any role you dream of playing?

RP: Marlon Brando is an icon for me, I think nobody can match him. About my dream role, I must say that every character I played at the beginning seemed so strange, but it made me happy to give each of them life. And they made me who I am.



New outtakes of Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme
posted by Laura

Hello guys, I hope you’re all doing fine! Today you can discover new outtakes of Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme 2020. These new photos were published in L’Officiel Italia (March 2020). I’ve untagged one of the photos. Enjoy, and don’t forget… Stay Home!! Cheers 😀

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Robert Pattinson appears in the Dior documentary
posted by Laura

Robert Pattinson appears in the Dior documentary that celebrates the brand’s 70th-anniversary exhibition, “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams“. At 49:30 you will see Robert Pattinson’s handwritten invite to the Exhibition which took place in Paris on the 3rd of July 2017. Then at 50:05, he does a quick red carpet appearance and at 51:30 he answers this question – What do you think of the exhibition?The crocodile dress. In the exhibition, it’s kind of an Egyptian dog on the top. It’s incredible.”

I’ve added the HQ screen captures of all his appearances in this video in the gallery and on imagebam. Enjoy 😀

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

New photos of Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme (2020)
posted by Laura

Today, we’re blessed with several new photos of Robert Pattinson for the Dior Homme 2020 Ad. These photos are from the Dior Homme Book. Enjoy these new photos and I’ve also added a few quotes from The Blaze and the Dior director who talked about Robert and how they filmed the ad. 😀

THE BLAZE ABOUT ROBERT: Robert Pattinson is a completely normal, friendly and approachable guy. He arrived on his own, without a PR or an agent. We had a few beers and had a laugh together. It was pretty cool.

DIOR HOMME DIRECTOR ABOUT ROBERT: One thing’s for sure, he is extraordinarily photogenic. And that’s what makes him a star: he has an instant presence in front of the camera.

ON THE SET: They created experimental spaces where they left Robert Pattinson to improvise while the camera was filming. When he dives under the tablecloth in the restaurant taking the girl with him, that was totally improvised. We just left him with the girl and said: work your charm.

   imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Thank you Yukkei_x for sharing these photos! <3

New exclusive interview for Esquire Singapore
posted by Laura

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all taking care of yourself! Today you can read a new exclusive interview of Robert Pattinson for Esquire Singapore. He mainly talks about Dior and the new fragrance but he also talks about his life (gym, music..etc). Enjoy 😀

On the new Dior Homme campaign: ‘I’m Your Man’

What do you like most about this new Dior Homme campaign?

ROBERT PATTINSON: It’s always a fantastic experience shooting these advertisements. I’d always loved the Blaze videos, and it was fascinating to see how they create such a vibrant and kinetic energy in their work.

To what extent does it differ from the previous Dior Homme communications?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I think it may be a bit more emotional than the previous one. Still very cool but it feels slightly more mature.

The claim of the new campaign is “I’m your man”. What does it stand for? Does it mean anything personal/particular for you?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I’ve always loved Leonard Cohen and the song is so beautiful, so I think that comes to mind first. Leonard Cohen is my man.

What image of masculinity would you like to put forward through this campaign?

ROBERT PATTINSON: That you should be as free as you want to be.

How close do you feel to the man on camera?

ROBERT PATTINSON: To some extent quite similar because I felt very comfortable with the people involved in making it. I always feel I have to leap a little way out of myself to do any kind of performance though.

How was it to shoot with Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, also known as The Blaze? Could you tell us more about the creative relationship that you shared?

ROBERT PATTINSON: They’re awesome. I met them at Cannes in 2017. Always thought their videos showed exciting potential. I think they could make a great feature film one day. They’re incredibly fun to work with. Having them demonstrating dance moves in the club scene was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen directors do. We talked about the concept a few times in London before we shot but really it was so organized by the time I arrived in New York I felt comfortable just jumping right in.

If you had to share one memorable moment/anecdote from the shoot, what would it be?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Probably dancing on my own in front of 200 dancers. Definitely the first and probably last time that will ever happen. [laughs]

How did you prepare yourself physically and mentally before shooting the film? Any particular diet?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Basically, having a couple of shots of tequila before the dancing!

Did you look at some movies to prepare (Scorsese, Ferrara, De Palma…), iconic masculinity figures such as Brando, or other cultural references for inspiration?

ROBERT PATTINSON: The Fat Boy Slim video with Christopher Walken.

What about shooting with Mikael Jansson? Did you know him from a previous project or did you meet him on this occasion?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I hadn’t shot with him before but always loved his work. He’s also incredibly easy to work with and an amazingly talented artist.

What do you think it means to be someone’s man today?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I think that really depends on who’s the man you’re trying to be. You have to be flexible!

New York almost plays its own role in this film. What are your feelings towards this city, since you are an English man in New York? Does it inspire you?

ROBERT PATTINSON: The energy of NYC is always inspiring to everybody, I think. I get very charged when I’m there. But I don’t think I can ever stay for that long. I think I move at a little slower pace than the city does.

On the relationship between Robert Pattinson and Dior + The Dior Homme franchise

Could you tell us more about how you relate to the Dior brand?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Before I started working with Dior, the house always seemed like such an untouchable icon of style, but over the years of being involved with the company I’ve seen that the people who work there have such a warmth. Everyone has always been so approachable and friendly and leaves such a great impression when you visit. That’s probably why it has accrued such an illustrious history.

Do you remember the first time Dior approached you?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Absolutely! In Los Angeles 7 years ago. And I still see the colleagues I met then all the time.

What do you enjoy most about working with Dior? What is the creative process like?

ROBERT PATTINSON: It’s always such a pleasure. So relaxed. Beautiful clothes that no one is too fussy about. You can roll around in them and no one admonishes you. Everyone at the company is incredibly fun. The parties at the end of a shoot are always a highlight.

You have been the face of Dior Homme for quite a while now (since 2013). What does it mean to you? Do you enjoy this role?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Absolutely. I was initially worried about working with a brand, but I don’t think Dior is a typical company in any way. I’ve been able to see such incredible craftsmanship first hand from expert couturiers to Francois Demachy, the genius “nose” behind all the Dior fragrances. I’ve always felt so at home whenever I’ve done any project with the company.

Do you feel like being the face of this fragrance has had an impact on your personal development?

ROBERT PATTINSON: For sure. It’s allowed me access to a world that very few people have seen. From having access to behind the scenes of fragrance creation with a renowned creator like François Demachy, to becoming friends with some of the top designers in the world like Kris Van Ache, Kim Jones and of course Karl Lagerfeld. It also allowed me to see that behind such an iconic brand there is actually a very tight-knit family of great people working to make it work. It’s really nice to see that a large company can still be run on the basis of creating absolute quality first and not compromising for corporate interests.

Has working with Dior influenced your style? And the way you use fragrance?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I definitely look sharper when I’m doing premieres than I used to. With fragrance, I think working with Dior made me realize that fragrance can be used in a more casual context. Subtly. It doesn’t have to be a huge deal. And when you use it, people really notice and love it.

Why are you the perfect fit for Dior Homme?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I know working with [the Dior Homme team] has always felt very natural and been such a pleasure.

To you, who is the ‘Dior’ man?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Being a Dior man, is conveying several things at once. It is true luxury and modernity; it is an elegance that is both in the details and very simple, very obvious. It is a look, a way of being timeless and avant-garde at the same time. A Dior silhouette, and a perfume to go with it. A scent that allows you to reveal your personality without being too much. It is a statement of masculinity and what it means today, with all its nuances.

What do you think of the evolution of Dior Homme? Has the male character changed over the years in your mind?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I feel lucky to embody a fragrance like Dior Homme, to me, it is a long term and meaningful story. My relationship with Dior is not a shallow one; with each film, they capture something of me, like a reflection that mirrors my evolution as a man, even if it’s sometimes in the smallest details. Dior Homme is a fragrance that has evolved, matured with time, just like I have. This parallel is a key element.

Is the fragrance Dior Homme made for every man?

ROBERT PATTINSON: The new Dior Homme is a statement of masculinity, it is straightforward and intensely woody. These woody accords speak out loud, they address men from the very start. They bring forward virility, but also tenderness and sensuality. There is something that feels very “clean” about this creation, which makes it universal and easy to love. This subtle freshness makes it a scent that stays on and envelops you, but that is not heavy. It’s like clothes that you wear, but that make you feel weightless.

Do you have a favorite Dior Homme scent?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I must say I really like this new version of Dior Homme. It’s all about sensuality, but a masculine one. This perfume gives itself to you immediately, but keeps something mysterious, as though all the woods were talking to one another.

3 words to describe the new Dior Homme Eau de Toilette?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Virility, sensuality, and tenderness.

How does this new fragrance make you feel?

ROBERT PATTINSON: It gives you confidence. This new Dior Homme conveys masculinity that is both obvious and seductive. It is a luminous sensuality, which makes it very modern.

Would you say that it is an everyday scent? Why?

ROBERT PATTINSON: It’s easy to wear because it’s not about over sophistication for an elite. It is neither powdery nor sweet. It avoids all the clichés that come to mind when you think about sensuality. It is charming without trying too hard, and it keeps a woody fresh feeling that you crave at any time of day.


Robert Pattinson on fragrance

At what time of the day do you apply your fragrance? And where?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I’m more used to wearing perfume at night when I have plans to go out. I usually apply it on the neck and wrists.

What do you love in a scent?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I want a perfume to be there, like a signature, but never shouting. I like that it leaves a trail behind, but a subtle one.

Some say that a smell can take you places. Where does Dior Homme take you?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Definitely New York. Whether it takes me back to running on a roof in Rockaway Beach, or in a beautiful penthouse looking over Manhattan… It’s been an adventure when you think about it! To me, New York is a character of the story almost as much as the man I embody.

If you were asked to say the first thing that comes to mind, what should a man smell like?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I feel like a man’s taste in perfume is a tricky thing. It needs to be comforting, enveloping and not threatening. But at the same time, you wear perfume to claim your difference, you want that little surprising thing that’s going to make you stand out.

What role does perfume play in seduction?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Perfume plays a key role in seduction. It’s the intimacy of the moment that you share, it’s the scent that you leave behind like a trail to follow once you’re gone…it’s very sensual.


Catching up with Robert Pattinson

What was the most challenging project you have ever done?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Probably a movie I worked on called The Lighthouse. A very creatively satisfying project but the conditions made it pretty tough. Extreme weather almost every day…

What are your plans in the near future? Will you be taking on any new acting roles?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I’m working on Christopher Nolan’s new movie Tenet right now, and I will start The Batman this year.

What have you learned from the characters you have played? Is there anything you took on?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I think you take on little parts of every character you play. Sometimes in your everyday life and sometimes just in technical terms for the next movie you do. I think I try and choose parts that will force me to explore an area that I’m interested in anyway and so doing the job expands your understanding of yourself.

In what ways did your life change in the last 5 years and what are you expecting for the following years?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Over the last five years, working with incredible directors has really broadened my expectations of where I would want to go professionally. I think every time you work with someone special, like Claire Denis, for instance, you just want to keep having experiences like that.

You seem to be effortlessly camera-ready. Do people often tell you how photogenic you are?

ROBERT PATTINSON: That’s working with really great photographers!

What is a normal day in Robert Pattinson’s life?

ROBERT PATTINSON: There’s never a normal day! [laughs]

What is your morning routine?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Don’t really have a morning routine but I’m not functioning before I have breakfast and a shower.

Do you practice any sport or go to the gym?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I run and do jiu-jitsu.

Who are your music icons?

ROBERT PATTINSON: D’Angelo and Ohio Players.

What is your vision of the film industry nowadays?

ROBERT PATTINSON: There are always amazing movies at festivals throughout the world. I just wish there was a way to get larger audiences to see these smaller movies. But seeing more and more festivals popping up internationally with increasingly large audiences always makes me happy.

Could you tell us more about your passions? What do you fight for in life?

ROBERT PATTINSON: To not be forced into thinking in a prescribed way in the confusing world we live in.

What drives you to wake up every morning?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Not having enough time to do what I want to do.