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New interview with Robert Pattinson for Cinemania Spain
posted by Laura

Here is a new interview with Robert Pattinson for Cinemania Spain! Thank you to RobsFootsteps for the translation!


Robert Pattinson: Between Tenet and The Batman I have aged 10 years.


Before putting on the superhero costume, he accompanies John David Washington on his mission to save humanity.


To what extent does the TENET theme speaks about the world we live in?
Robert Pattinson: The characters in TENET wake up one morning and discover that their qualities no longer serve the reality in which they live and they have to adapt very fast to survive. It is very strange that this is exactly what we have experienced the last few months.


Was it a very demanding shoot on a physical level?
Robert Pattinson: Yes. Going from the filming of Tenet, the most demanding thing I have done physically, to THE BATMAN, I think I have aged 10 years, also because John David is a full-fledged athlete and, not only that, but he has a true athlete mentality. When he runs, he will sprint to his maximum capacity, again and again and again. In every take, in every rehearsal … and my career has basically been designed around the concept of sitting in armchairs and going on vacation (laughing). We were supposed to show even skills, but there were weeks of filming where I couldn’t even walk.


Did Nolan give you some advice on how to play Batman?
Robert Pattinson: Not at all. He is very respectful. I think the only conversation we had about Batman was the last day of filming.


I love FEAR & SHAME, your short. Would you like to direct?
Robert Pattinson: Yes. I would love to. I think I am becoming more organized as I get older so I think I would be able to do it. But I need a story.


Would you say that your work with prestigious directors like #ClaireDenis or the #Safdiebrothers has helped you along that path?
Robert Pattinson: Surely yes. What I know for sure is that it has helped me a lot as an actor. When you work with directors you admire, it is much easier to trust them. And when you have no doubts about the movie you are making you learn much more. I have been very fortunate to work with these very talented directors.