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Robert Pattinson photographed himself for GQ Magazine (June/July 2020)
posted by Laura

Hello guys, I hope you’re all doing well! Today you can discover a new photoshoot of Robert Pattinson for GQ (June/July 2020 Issue). He photographed himself for this special edition due to the COVID-19! You can read the story behind the photoshoot below. The magazine was published on the Internet today and will start to reach readers on May 26! Enjoy 😀


GQ Director, Welch, and his team aimed to capture the anxiety and open-mindedness that many people experience, locked up in their homes, and excluded from their usual routines. He has greened some “calculated risks,” such as letting cover star Robert Pattinson photograph himself.

Zach Baron, lead editor, who wrote the cover profile:Robert Pattinson was filming “Batman” [in London], so the idea was to go get him on a day off or, if I was lucky, even to visit the plateau. But we never managed to book a plane ticket.”

“Robert Pattinson has a bunch of cool cameras and he’s in an Airbnb in London. He had cameras with him and maybe also a digital camera, and he was ready to photograph himself. I do not know him. It’s not like they sent me a portfolio of his photos or anything. He just said, “I would be willing to do it if you wanted to.” It is not something I would like to do with anyone. But in his case, everything about the directors he chose … and all the moves he made after “Twilight” showed a real creative spirit and an incredible taste and instincts.”.

March 25: Welch, Visual Director Roxanne Behr and GQ Entertainment Director Dana Mathews have a phone call with Robert Pattinson, her manager and publicist to share some tips for the filming, which Pattinson will do alone in her apartment, where he is in quarantine with his girlfriend.

Roxanne Behr, Director of Visuals: I gave her a wide range of historical references to the art of self-portrait… I have never spent as much time on a bridge as for Robert.

March 30: GQ sends Robert Pattinson clothing for shooting: Dior and Louis Vuitton suits, Burberry scarves, Turnbull & Asser scarf, Paul Smith blazer and pants, Elder Statesman socks and Alighieri jewelry. 

We sent an email [PR firm] Karla Otto’s London team to see if they could get us something from Craig Green because his collection was vibrant and brilliant… and they came up with a few things, including this red look.

Dawodu: This costume was obvious because it is a costume and it is easy, in my opinion. And it was [a question of] whether or not he was going to go or not. [Robert and I] had a very casual conversation, I made a few suggestions and didn’t think about it any more personally. It’s no use… I felt safe in the editing.

April 9: Robert Pattinson sends images digitally to Roxanne. Not hiding a messy apartment, the images have a chaotic quality. In some shots, Pattinson even tied socks and scarves around his arms, legs and head.

Dawodu: I told him to go wild.

I think it’s a good time for brands to listen and for them to accept creativity that they would not normally have accepted before.

Baron: In some ways, the weirdness of it all set him on fire, just as it set us on fire. These are interesting problems to solve.

Behr: What he sent was very unexpected and it’s the beauty of the project…. It’s just not the shoot we would have done if we had shot it. It’s totally refreshing. You can totally say that he is in his own world – there is no hair, there is no makeup.

“He sent us a ton of photos, which we then reduced to 16. He didn’t tell us “I really don’t like this one, don’t us,” which surprised us, in fact.”

April 10: Pattinson and Baron begin a series of conversations for the interview.

“Robert Pattinson has proven to be a very good partner for this because – and he talks about it in history – he feeds on clumsiness. he feeds on strange situations.”